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Getting It Right

Getting It Right
, by first time novelist Karen Osborne, is the story of two half-sisters ― one the product of an abusive foster-care setting, the other of dysfunctional privilege. Alex struggles to keep her business afloat while running the balancing act of attempting to care for her parents and younger sisters. Kara, raised in an unsupportive foster-care  environment, keeps falling for the wrong men, and longs for a father and sister she only knows from a photo.

The girls’ father makes a hospital-bed request of Alex – find your mixed-race sister that he abandoned long ago. Alex reluctantly agrees.

Osborne deftly weaves this family drama with a mystery involving insider trading, illicit affairs, and the FBI.

Set in Harlem, the Bronx, and the wealthy community of Bedford, New York, during two weeks in March, Getting It Right explores evolving definitions of race and family, and the ultimate power of redemption and forgiveness.

Karen Osborne was named one of the prestigious 5-over-50 debut authors to watch by Poets & Writers magazine in 2017.

Karen Osborne will be at Poetic Justice Books & Arts in Port Saint Lucie, Florida on Friday, March 29 at 6:00. Join us!

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