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A Lucky Happenstance for Us

By Some Happenstance
(Poetic Justice Books, 2019), is the latest collection of poetry by Dominic Albanese. This is not a light-hearted romp down memory lane. These poems dig into some very dark places. We are led down a tumultuous spiral of despair, the words bleeding hell and then, at last, a glimpse of redemption. The poet is spared and offers his distinctive form of gratitude to us and his redeemers.

to cook a pot of rice

such a simple, elegant food
feeding the body
mining the soul
after the water boils away

reminds me of what is
left after a dream
awake, haunted, memories flash by
what was she singing

Dominic Albanese's poetry is a unique voice in American letters. Dubbed the spartan, colloquial poet of a generation, Albanese's work reflects upon everything from experiences in war to addiction to car mechanics, the beauty of a morning view, the joy of a bicycle to the heartaches and joy of a relationship. He is a master of voice - each of these poems is heard as you read, a voice that sounds so familiar you'd swear Dominic is sitting next to you.

And this Friday, April 5 at 6:00, you’ll get your chance to actually hear that voice. Dominic will be reading from and discussing his latest, By Some Happenstance, at Poetic Justice Books & Arts in Port Saint Lucie, Florida.

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