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The Unveiling of Camille Frazer

…the glories of the world
[…M]ean nothing at the end unless they were shared.
– from Transition, Camille Frazer

Camille Frazer knows sharing. Her latest collection of poetry, The Unveiling, explores relationships on all levels – from person to person, to society and ideas. Packed with astute observations, Frazer’s poems embrace the world one moment at a time. Each page takes the reader by the hand, gives a little squeeze, and points to life’s fulfillment. We are encouraged to turn our full potential to make the world a better place.


What bother it is to fix the mind,
To do and follow through, despite protest.
‘Tis the way to overcome
Push through to become
The one I long to be –
A better me.

Camille Frazer was born in Jamaica and currently lives on Florida’s Treasure Coast. She works as an attorney, staunchly defending the rights of children since 2005.

The Unveiling is available now at Poetic Justice Books.

As part of our National Poetry Month and Independent Bookstore Day celebrations, Camille Frazer will be reading and discussing her poetry at Poetic Justice Books & Arts in Port Saint Lucie, Florida this Friday, April 26 at 6:00.

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