Grove Press: Small Fry by Lisa Brennan-Jobs

Standing Alone Beneath a Wild Sky

The debut collection of poems by Elaine Gerard, NDN: the words of a little hawk, is a gift. We didn’t know how much we needed this. These words run right to our hearts, telling us tales we hadn’t realized we’d been yearning for for years. Gerard’s gift of making us comfortable in her vision is miraculous… and insidious.

Elaine Gerard's voice is a trap. She lures you in with a gentle song, then leaves your soul standing alone in the wind beneath a wild sky. This is poetry that soars with a mature song; a somehow haunted memory of a dream you wish you could remember and pray you could forget:

When it is all said and done,
he offers to drive me home
as if the icing on the cake
is being let out the door.
Don’t you know
I am already free,
I am already gone?
Don’t you know
I hate you?

Perhaps this power is due to Gerard’s Native American (she is a member of the Blackfeet Indian Nation) roots but I don’t think that explains the universality she is able to instill in her observations. She has tapped into a deeper vein and administers a much needed transfusion to the world at large.

Welcome a bold new voice in American poetry.

NDN: the words of a little hawk
is available now at Poetic Justice Books